• What are the benefits

      • To achieve a mediated agreement is significantly less expensive than negotiating through solicitors; and a fraction of the cost of resolving issues through the court process. 
      • Mediated agreements can be achieved in a matter of weeks, in contrast to court proceedings, which may take many months to conclude. 
      • Mediation appointments take place on days and at times that suit you. 
      • Mediation is far less stressful than the court process.
      • In mediation you are supported to work together to reach a considered and reality tested agreement; enabling you to retain the control and decision making for your future, and that of your children. In the court process you are opponents and you hand the responsibility for your future to the Judge. 
      • Mediated agreements are less likely to break down than arrangements ordered by the court. Government studies (2004-2010) indicate that mediation provides more sustainable resolutions than the court process. 
      • If you have children together, you are going to need to communicate, at some level, for many years to come. Communication often becomes far more difficult following court proceedings, where one parent is perceived to have "won". There are no winners or losers in mediation, as the process supports you to work together to reach joint decisions for yours and your children's future; this paves the way for better communication between you in the future.

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